Egyptian sugar stock now covers more than 6 months ahead: Minister of Supply


Egyptian Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Aly al-Meselhy announced on Monday that the state’s strategic sugar stockpiles had increased to cover more than six months ahead.

Local sugar production from sugar beets and canes will strengthen the strategic stock of the sugar commodity to meet the country’s long-term needs, he added.

Meselhy said all food products are available in large quantities, under orders from political leaders to ensure a strategic stock of all products at all times.

Sugar beet companies will continue to receive the beet harvest from farmers until the end of the harvest season and pay their dues promptly, he said.

Local sugar will be regularly offered to citizens, he assured, either through consumer complexes or ration cards, as well as in markets.

The Delta Sugar Company has announced the continuation of sugar production from the sugar beet harvest, as the company receives the crop from farmers.

He added that many incentives are paid, the last of which is an additional incentive of LE 75 for each ton, and the delivery is carried out according to organized schedules to avoid overcrowding, while taking all precautionary measures.

Delta Sugar Company chief Ahmed Aboul-Yazid said the company’s factory in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate continues to receive beet harvest from farmers to produce local sugar from beets, adding that nearly one million tonnes of beets have been received. .

Nearly 140,000 tonnes of bulk white sugar has been produced, he added, alongside the production of 50,000 tonnes of molasses and 58,000 tonnes of beet pulp, which is used in the sugar industry. ‘animal feed.

Aboul-Yazid pointed out that the Minister of Supply regularly looks forward to the supply of beets and that the Delta Sugar Company is one of the largest national companies in the beet sugar industry, contributing to the development system. thanks to modern technologies in the cultivation of beets. .


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