Global Rare Sugar Market Size, Share, Scope and Analysis by 2031


Rare sugar market: overview

The global population is showing a propensity for low calorie sweeteners due to the increase in chronic conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. The food and beverage industry has embraced the use of rare sugars such as allulose as sweeteners in bakery, dairy, confectionery, therapeutic foods and others.

D-tagatose, allulose and other natural sweeteners serve as low calorie sweeteners. These sweeteners replace table sugar in the food industry. Hence the rare sugar market is expected to show significant growth during the forecast period of 2021 and 2031.

The rare sugars market can be segmented into allulose, tagatose, D-mannose, D-xylose-arabinose, and L-fucose. By application, the market can be categorized into cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, dietary supplements, and others.

The all-important report is designed by the team of experts at TMR Research. The various parameters on which this report has been organized are emerging trends, major drivers, latest developments, competitive scenarios, and regional dimensions. This report will help stakeholders and CXOs make the right investment decisions and plan strategies accordingly. Additionally, the impact of COVID-19 is also included in this report.


Rare Sugar Market: Key Drivers and Opportunities

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world realized the importance of health and well-being. This aspect has led to the growth of the rare sugar market owing to the growing popularity of healthy foods and beverages among the global population. Additionally, increased sales of dietary supplements, foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and others during the pandemic could eventually lead to significant growth in the rare sugar market. During the shutdowns, other businesses were affected, but the food industry and the pharmaceutical sector belonged to the essential category, so the supply of food and pharmaceutical products went smoothly. These factors have proven to be growth drivers for the rare sugar market.

The increasing use of D-mannose in pharmaceuticals is due to the presence of glycosylation which helps alleviate the symptoms of UTIs. Additionally, rare sugar solutions are nutritious and low-calorie supplements to improve metabolism and overall health may provide multiple growth opportunities for the rare sugar market over the forecast period.

The growing demand for natural cosmetics has led to the penetration of rare sugar in the cosmetics industry. Rare sugar solutions act as skin conditioners and preservatives. Additionally, consumer awareness of the ingredients present in the products is likely to boost the growth of the rare sugar market.


Rare sugar market: competitive scenario

Major players operating in the rare sugar market are investing heavily in R&D activities to innovate new combinations and formulations that will be full of health and nutrition. Food supplements and nutritional drinks have been added to the product profile. These foods and beverages contain rare sugar that acts as a natural sweetener and promotes low calorie intake. The competition to expand market presence has led to strategic collaborations with mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships, and startups.

Some of the major players operating in the rare sugar market are Samyang Corporation, CJ CheilJedang, TATE & LYLE, and DuPont.

Rare sugar market: regional dynamics

The global rare sugar market is segmented into Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. North America is expected to see exponential growth due to growing demand for rare sugar for cosmetic formulations and an increased trend towards natural skin care products. Europe could also show rapid growth due to the increase in the use of dietary supplements. Asia-Pacific is also expected to show significant growth due to the rising trend of healthier lifestyle in developing countries such as India, Japan and China.


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