Harpreet Kaur named winner of The Apprentice for 2022 by Lord Sugar


Lord Alan Sugar announced the winner of The apprentice for 2022.

The business mogul has narrowed down the contestants for his popular BBC reality show to Harpreet Kaur from West Yorkshire and Kathryn Burn from Swindon. The pair had competed in the first all-female semi-final in the show’s history the previous week.

In the latest episode, the duo had three days to launch a new venture, including branding their business, producing a digital billboard and TV ad, before pitching it to the business mogul.

But it was Ms Kaur who triumphed in the boardroom on Thursday March 24, with Lord Sugar “hiring” her as her next partner. She will partner with the billionaire founder of Amstrad, who will invest £250,000 in his dessert business.

Ms Kaur, 30, said it was time to start ignoring gender in business as she revealed she was ‘hungrier than ever’ after her success in the show’s 16th series.

After finding out that she had been chosen as Lord Sugar’s new business partner, Ms Kaur said that although she is happy to be a winning woman, she thinks it is time to “remove those titles” and stop paying attention to whether someone in the company is male or female.

She told the PA news agency: “I absolutely loved that it was an all-female final because I love empowering women, I hope I can inspire many women you need to follow your dreams, go crush your goals, go get them.

“But I also think we kind of have to get those titles out there in business, regardless of whether you’re male or female. If you can set your eyes on something and you’re going to be successful, go for it. It doesn’t matter what gender you are.

“And I think, again, through the process, that’s what it’s all about, Lord Sugar, I don’t think it matters whether you’re male or female, whether he recognizes that someone’s worth an investment, they’ll make it.”

Ms Kaur also said she was ‘hungrier than ever’ and attributed her ‘tunnel vision for success’ to her victory.

The entrepreneur owns Oh So Yum! — a dessert parlor and candy delivery service — with her older sister Gurvinder. The company has two sites, in Leeds and Huddersfield.

During the show’s intensive interview segment, Lord Sugar had expressed concerns that Ms Kaur only owned 50% of the business, after failing to state that her sister owned the remaining half.

Speaking of the challenge of having to convince Lord Sugar that his sister’s involvement would not affect the potential investment and proposed partnership, Ms Kaur said: “For me, you know, my sister and I built this business in the state it’s already at and we both add that value.

“But by the way The apprentice process, it was just me and me alone. So I felt that I had succeeded in proving to Lord Sugar that I had enough reputation and that I could achieve anything, even if I was on my own.

“So actually, I felt like it was just a benefit to have someone else on board within the business who is going to help accelerate that growth. But I felt like ‘through the process he could see that I could invest as a person, even just by myself, so I didn’t see it as a risk.

After winning the show, Ms Kaur said she planned to “take over the dessert world” and grow the business alongside her sister.

Ms Kaur also revealed how she planned to celebrate her success, adding: “I’m going to take one of my cookie pies, I’m going to slice it, I’m going to heat it up and I’m going to eat it all for myself. Once I’m done that, I’ll be back to work.

She becomes the show’s 17th winner – after two contestants were offered an investment in Series 14 – and follows in the footsteps of Series 15 champion Carina Lepore, who also built a foodie business with her London bakery chain Dough Artisan. Bakery.

Ms. Lepore won The apprentice in 2019 before the show was forced to take a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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